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spanish courses as a foreign language university programs international language agents
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We offer thematical-proffesional, refresher and general intensive Spanish courses with availability to acommodation packages. Because of its size and people, both Galicia and Betanzos offer you a priviledged environment in which to enjoy learning. Enrol here now!
Specially thought for university workers in charge of the Spanish Study Abroad. We offer cultural programs, information about tourism in Galicia and "The Green Spain" and how to make the most of your students' stay here. Order our promotional materials here.
Specially thought for linguistic agents. Our packages and specific services are the answer to the professional needs. The additional information, FAQ's answers, and immediate answers is why to choose Agarimo. Products and prices available here.
Information in GERMAN, ITALIAN, POLISH, JAPANESE // Visit our section COURSES FOR GROUPS and request information or budget //
Spanish Course: "Another look to Earth from Galicia".
If you are studying Spanish in Spain, discover Galicia with us. Choose your cultural program.
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We offer you all our catalogues in PDF and you can download them whenever you want.
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