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Quality of teaching
We are an educational centre specialised in language training to professionals and foreign students.

Who are we?
Our small team is made up of teachers who are specialist in the teaching of languages and, particularly in Spanish as Foreign Language.
We have several years teaching experience in Galicia from 1994.
Some of our teachers have been spreading our languages and cultures –Galician & Spanish one- for some time now in universities in USA and have been organising workshops and talks for SPL’s teachers in Europe.

What do we do?
We organize cultural training and linguistic stays, in Galicia for a wide range of students, from university students to professional people.

Our aim is personalised attention within reduced groups (maximun 6 students).

  Liceo Internacional Agarimo || Valdoncel 20,1º I || Betanzos 15300 A Coruña - Spain || +34 981 774667 || agarimo@agarimospanish.com
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