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Spanish Courses as a Foreign Language
After years of experience working with foreign students, we have managed to understand the difficulties they find becoming part of the Spanish culture, to get to know and really live "Spain" outside school hours. That is why at Liceo Internacional Agarimo, we have put together a programme which lets them learn or improve the language while ata the same time encourages the complete integration of foreign students with Spanish students within a charming atmosphere learning and living in a town as Betanzos where it is difficult to meet foreigners... and to feel as a foreigner as well.
Intensive Course
Morning classes are combined with an interesting cultural programme in the evening.
Superintensive Course
For those who would like to reinforce their Spanish with one-to-one lessons and to deal with specific topics of interest to them or to complement their learning or the language by emphasising certain areas to optimise the learning process.
DELE Exams
Preparation for official exams (Exams of Official Diploma as a Foreign Language)
Courses for Groups
In addition to the standard courses, Liceo Internacional AGARIMO organises customised courses for groups with specific needs.
Business Spanish.
If you want to work in a Spanish-speaking country to succeed in an international career, then the solution is this course.
Preparation Course for Exam by the Chamber of Commerce
Business Spanish is becoming more relevant.
Thematical-Professional Courses
For professionals and university students with particular objectives and on specific dates.
"Tailored" course.
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