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Using the contact form or the phone, at your convenience, we'll be pleasant to meet you   
Spanish Language Courses
Our programes are structured in 4 niveles, from beginners to proficiency.
The teachers, ,who are young and dynamic with a university degree specialised in the teaching of Spanish , and coordinate each group supervised by our Course Director.
The programmes can last from one week to three months.
Our methodology GAPPM of personalised control guarantees the best profit of the stay. At the end of the course, you will get a qualifying diploma indicating the reached level.
Our specific site in a Communitiy with its own Galician Culture lets us develop a specificied course of Galician Language an Culture for Foreigners.
the special historical-cultural simbiosis between Galicia and Portugal relates us directly with the Portuguese speaking world (Portugal, Brasil, Angola, Macão).
Cultural Routes
The North of Spain opens its doors to you.

Galicia, with its exceptional stting has known to keep the enchant from other times. It is more than the Finisterrae of the Pilgrim's Way, it is art and tradition, gastronomy, nature and above all an essential bridge to know Hispanoamérica.
A rich historical-artistic heritage from the Celts up to the modern times. An escape to the routes of the Romanesque and the modernist architecture of the indianos from America, over green rivers, seas arms and beautiful landscapes.
Courses for Professionals
The best complement for your professional specialisation in Spanish and in Spain.
Enjoy our exlusive programs. They are focused to companies and professionals with intermediate level of Spanish who desire to improve their knowledge in Spanish and in these issues in particular.
  Liceo Internacional Agarimo || Valdoncel 20,1º I || Betanzos 15300 A Coruña - Spain || +34 981 774667 || agarimo@agarimospanish.com
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